In Memoriam – Philippe Buhannic

Yesterday, I sent Philippe a short WhatsApp, it was his birthday, he didn’t read it, I learned a few hours later that he had left us that same day.

Philippe is undoubtedly one of the few people who really left an impression on me during my professional life in the financial sector, a person whose quick wit was unmatched and I am proud of the recommendation he wrote about me on LinkedIn. Without doubt one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received.

I was his client to begin with, almost 20 years ago, we then collaborated in particular to launch “Galaxy” which he presented nicely like in movies, saying “based on an original idea of ​​Gonzague’s”. But, above all we became friends, a friendship of course particular because Philippe was everywhere at the same time, an indefatigable traveler who nevertheless took the time to call to try and meet oneanother, even for a short moment, in Paris, in Geneva, in London according to our mutual wanderings and especially his own.

Somehow, Philippe was the forerunner of fintech, Tradingscreen was one of the most beautiful jewels in this sector, his making and only his. He had a vision, knew how to share it, knew how to listen in order to progress.

A true entrepreneur.

He had let me know about his health concerns and his thoughts on the impact this disease was having on his life. Of his worries with TradingScreen …

Losing a friend is terrible, but I think above all to those close to him whom he often spoke of to me about but whom I do not know.

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